Foram Gala- Therapist -Energy Healing, Graphotherapy, Inner Child Healing, Readings and Rituals, Tarot Card Reading |




"A highly spiritual soul, in a young body with higher consciousness, and I am so happy that this is being used to give therapies to the other needed souls. With her own inner wisdom and related techniques together, Foram, You’re Brilliant! The whole world is open to you. Also healers & Consultants like you are needed in times especially now."

Minal Bodana

"Foram is a soul who can feel another soul. Her deep spiritual inclination enables her to help her clients dig into their deeper selves and tap the potential for growth and healing. I have always found her tarot to be accurate and it guides me on my further steps in life. It’s been a pleasure having her to help me come out of my trauma of loosing my husband at a very tender age. She understood each and every thought and feeling going on inside me and helped me to heal, forgive and grow. "

Zinal Chheda

"She is a really skilled tarot card reader. She uses a variety of spreads to answer questions across various issues areas of your life - such as career, love, relationships, money, and health. She has done my tarot reading and she answered every question with depth, precision and intuition. Her guidance has given me a lot of food for thought regarding my present and future."

Neeti Savla