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"Thanks a ton for these two days! I was lost in………,I have met Real Neena & now I love myself the most. I am feeling confident , smart, charming, beautiful, adorable, sweetest person with lot of love and care on the Earth. Thank you for making my Life interesting & fruitful. Now life is inspiring & beautiful as I Love myself. I am feeling as if I am born today & world is looking very beautiful."


"This workshop changed my entire life and I miss those wonderful 2 days. Thank you I really appreciate it,this workshop is fabulous and a great learning. Thank you for helping me improve. I am eternally grateful for everything you’ve taught me."


"I am God’s blessed child and I know I am taken to the right places, at the right time, to be with the right people to help me out when I need the divine intervention the most. And my two-day 20-hour blissful days in Geetika’s safe hands just proved my self-assuring belief in 2015. I am thankful to Geetika, Achal, Lenin, Saloni, Garima, Mohini Ji, Sahil, Avnika, and Pulkit for bringing me face to face with my own beautiful dark and dusky self. I fell in love with myself, became the boss of my emotions, bridged the gap between the subconscious and the conscious mind, let go of the baggage I was carrying all my life knowingly/unknowingly, and got a rebirth as bonus. Today, I am attracting all things good. Bad things do try to affect me, but fail to find permanent space in or around me. I ooze out happiness wherever I go. Life is easy, I am easy, people are easy, situations are easy, forgiving and loving is easy. No big talks, no magic wand, no hand-holding – still I am changed. That’s the thrill of Heal Your Life workshop."

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