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"Gunmeher Juneja has a very comforting style to take one through a tarot reading. Each session that I have had with her began with her explaining her process of reading the tarot cards. She asked me whether I had specific questions for the session or whether I would require a general reading. Her interpretation of the cards has been very helpful in understanding the energies that are at play with respect to the questions asked. I would highly recommend her services to everyone."

Dhruv Matta

"I had connected with Gunmehar on multiple occasions while dealing with a personal situation. I was surprised by the accurate interpretation of my current situation and guidance shared by the Universe through her. I found her to be extremely humble, professional and dedicated towards addressing my challenges throughout this journey. I would definitely recommend tarot reading as a effective medium towards dealing with any problems/ troubled thoughts one might be facing and I wish Gunmehar greater heights in her skill as a reader."

Angad Singh

"The session with Gunmeher was very smooth. Her reading and interpretation of the cards were on point. Her interpretation for the advice conveyed through the cards gave the required closure for the period that I had asked for the reading for. I recommend her services to whoever is looking for guidance to any problematic situation."

Ravinder Kaur Juneja

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