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"I had profound healing experiences through inner child healing process and re-birthing process.. i healed my childhood patterns and birth trauma through her support. wonderful compassionate facilitator. lot of changes happened in my life after those sessions. thank you M. Pavan Kumar"

Pavan Kumar

"Hi... very good to know that Harika's interest to join your global network of Wellness Service Providers. In fact, she really fits into that position as a WSP or Therapist based on my experience as a client with her. I came to know her from a friend. Upon his advise, I met her on my relationship issue which was bothering me like anything for the last couple of years. After initial discussion, she told me to come on next day for a session. I went there for a session with fear and lot of doubts in my mind. I felt like going into an operation theater for a surgery. She suggested me to close my eyes and to observe my breath for some time. Then after some time when I felt comfortable with her and with the environment there, I have opened up completely to reveal the story of what has happened earlier in my relationships which I haven't shared earlier in the initial meeting and also don't want to share as I felt it's my personal stuff and I don't want to reveal it to anyone for that matter. But she made me to open up with her soothing voice and guidance through out the session. I am at surprise by knowing from her session the core beliefs that I was holding which were actually the base for my thoughts which actually turning into actions resulting in grief. \nShe suggested some affirmations for me which actually worked out and changed my perception about relationships. She also suggested some books which gave me knowledge on many aspects of life and the ways/tools to deal with the problems that arise during the course of life. Now, I have no fears / issues in/about relationships and I am completely free of it. \nI am really greatful for her from the bottom of my heart for her guidance in resolving my issues about relationships and some other issues which I don't even know that were existed in my life which actually surfaced during the sessions. My understanding and perception about life has changed completely because of her guidance, books and some other classes (Soul Coach) which she has suggested me to attend. \n\nI can surely say from my experience with her that she can perform very well in whatever the field she is. She puts herself into it 100% without any doubt. Everyone will feel good about her sessions especially the way how she brings an environment where everyone will feel like opening up their heart to resolve the issues in life. This is what my experience with her as a client. Regards Ranga Rao"

Ranga Rao

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