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"It was fantastic experience... Hetal and Nikki were both great help.. After my daughter was born I was finding it hard to have to get rid of that pregnancy weight... I tried a lot of thing but Hetal’s plan were the ones that brought everything back to normal. I would recommend anyone who is happy to stick to healthy diet plan, without feeling hungry all the time should definitly contact.."

Niketa Sharma

"I tried many diets but i always failed loosing in weight. I followed the diet chart by hetal chedda.. I lost 5 kg in a month with regular excercise... Thanks and i will follow your diet regularly. Its a great achievement for me to lose 5kg in a month. Thank you so much for guiding me."

Parth Chhatbar

"I consulted Hetal 6 months after I delivered my baby. Although I hadn't put on much wt during my pregnancy...I somehow managed to put on almost 15 kgs after delivery. By 6 months I couldn't even get up if I'm sitting down... I couldn't walk properly.. legs used pain always. Thats when I found out about Hetal n consulted her. I took up the 3 months plan with her to help reduce the excess wt .. it wasn't just about the food plan, but also ensuring that I eat right since I was still breastfeeding my baby. Her team used to share easy to cook recipes, helped me install better food habits n kept motivating on daily basis. She even shared excercises that can be done in 10 mins. But with office, baby, Home I could barely manage any exercise time.. Following the diet plan religiously helped me lose close to 15 kgs weight in 3 months. My office colleagues are also surprised to see this rapid change!!It has literally being a miracle!! Thanks alot to Hetal n her team for getting me back in shape in such a short time."

Sweta Samani

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