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"Himshweta is well know among the millennials for here audacious quality and life coaching skills. She's having accurate approach towards mindfulness and meditation. "

Ajay singh

"Himshweta Vijayran is an amazing therapist when it comes to mental health, stress, and life issues. She has an amazing style to deal with anything. She gives solutions every time in just a meeting. She counsels and understands you without any judgment. She is a blessing to me. "

Anshul Aggarwal

"Talking with himshweta was a life changing experience. She helped me to reach new heights in my career and to finally succeed at long-standing personal goals. She is extremely personable and has the ability to connect with her clients quickly and to begin work with them at whatever stage they're in at the time. She is trustworthy, always encouraging, and a patient and insightful guide through life experiences in pursuit of goals and dreams. She also offers good value and high integrity.""

"Her Sessions Really Helped Me. I Appreciate Her Consistency & Hard Work For us. I Recommended My Circles To Attend Her Session & Follow Her Recommendation."


"I was getting very disturbed due to over thinking, due to which I was unable to concentrate on any work."

"She is amazing consulting for me. I am always recommend to all. Himswheta Vijayran consultancy is the best consultancy from my point of view. "

"She is absolutely brilliant and help full for all. You have wast knowledge in spirituality. Thank you so much Himshweta mam."

sachin halk

"It was really nice, i was so stress and frustrated after you consult me everything about universe and positivity, i got much relief. Thank you. Your session is nice and being humble, i loved the way you are."

"Sehaj yoga k liye aapke dvaare kiye gye maargdrshn k liye aapka shukryia🥰 Mere tmam svaalat jo mne AAP's eshare kiye unka bahut itminaan or sleeke k sath suljhaane k liye aapka shukryia🥰 Jindgi k hr ek pehlu m sehaj yoga ne jo kraanti kri h jo jivn drsn or drstii di h jivn ka mksd diya h or us mksd ko paane ka rstaa dikhya h vo rsta mjh naacheej ko unche mukaam tk le jaaye Iske liye liye apke snehashish or apntv ka abhilashi rahunga or ye mjhe u hi muslsl milta rhega inhi sbdo k sath sbdo ko shaanti deta hu🥰🙏"

"She's one of the greatest influencers with immense subject knowledge."

"Thankyou ma’am for helping me out, it was amazing experience with you . "

"When I didn't find God , I found her . She is like an oracle for me . When ever I hit by any problem which I can't manage , I simply ask her guidance ."

"She has the skill of architecturing the words.This skill makes shweta a different motivator from others. This is unquie skill. This gorgeous planet requires an awesome and cool motivators like you. You present the things in a neat and clean manner. You are an authentic girl. Your approach of solving opponent person issue is incredible. An authentic girl with awesome skills. She can articulate the words marvellously and authentically."


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