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"She is good dietitian. She make proper diet plans as per one's need and do not make starving diet plan. I have reduced 5kg in one month. So I recommend her who want to reduce weight without starving."

krishna solanki

"Losing weight was a dream for me impossible for me but Dr Hinal made this dream come true in a smooth manner Her always positive attitude and helpful nature didn't allow me to give up even when I wanted to Thank you Dr Hinal Hingad 🌞"

gursharan sharma

"I had a major digestion problem just by a 5 mnt chat she resolves my issue .I appreciate the friendly and witty nature which puts one at ease .She also followed up to check if things are better now .I wish her lots of success as building relationship is the core of being an entrepreneur πŸ‘πŸ»"


"Very friendly, helpful and non-judgemental advice. Reasonably priced service. She provided advice that was a great mix of evidence based and practical. She really helped me understand what I needed and in what proportions as well as how to make sure I was getting the most nutrients across my meals. I would highly recommend Dt. Hinal Hingad "

Nikhil Makwana