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"Dear Ilona, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart! Indescribable images, feelings and times of utter wellbeing filed me from my work with you....I am getting clearer and clearer. ... there are no words to describe these realms of vibration. Thank you that I was able to experience this!"

Annika Lechtenberg

"Dear Ilona, I am sure you have got already many great feedback letters. It is in my heart to tell you again how important your seminars, books, CDs and also the LFV course was and how valuable it is. The energy alone, that is felt during your seminars, is amazing. To feel and to carry home the energy over so many weeks is grand. Your way to meditate, your special way of being spiritual and your energy, creativity, aliveness and zest for life you share always were so good for me to experience. I could see it shine from deep inside you. Unbelievable that I have been without it until now!"

Birgit Baader

"The LFV course gives thorough, effective, practical, long-term directions on how to manifest. That is one thing that is so different from other manifestation materials. The second thing that was of great value was the power of imagery techniques, as well as teaching the different ways OF how to use MY imagination, which I had never read about before or which hadn't been explained so succinctly to me. You can feel Ilona's gift of guiding people in the visualizations, which helps deepen the quality of the meditation. After my practice of the LFV techniques, since July 2014, I find it to be the most direct approach to manifestation. Anything, absolutely anything, that I wish for, [can be manifest]. I just close my eyes and feel and experience it, as if if were already in my reality. I can do this anytime. The 5-week LFV program helps remind me and trains me to do actively CREATE. Most of us automatically default into an egoic fashion of thinking, trying to protect ourselves and prepare for worst case scenarios. I found it most valuable to read Ilona's book, Wisdom of the Dolphins, in tandem with the LFV course. It describes in a very detailed way how imagery can be used to co-create reality. It made the LFV course make so much more sense to me. The LFV course has given soooooooo much to me, that I can't put it into words. I am no longer a web of solidified impulses reacting to life in front of me. I am no longer a rat in the lab, a human in the matrix. I've felt more positive, and feel that life is falling into place. "

Tracy Kelly

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