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"This being my first pregnancy I wanted the best for my prenatal yoga and I am glad I chose Proactive 9. You can immediately feel the positive energy and warmth here! Dr. Isha and Dr. Leena have been great trainers and guides. They get you connected to your body, mind and baby. I found their classes both physically and emotionally gratifying. Having a history of a slipped disc, I had a very low confidence regarding my pregnancy and possibility of a natural birth. Through their breathing exercises, meditation and strengthening sessions, they helped me overcome my fear. I felt I was in good hands. Their discussions and tips about prenatal care, birthing and nursing were really helpful. The sessions helped me deal with the general stress of pregnancy . I felt myself growing stronger and feeling better after each class. Lamaze Birthing education class was fantastic. Dr. Isha helped us explore aspects of labour and child birth we hadn't thought about. Attending the class with my husband made it special and helpful. After the class we both felt confident that we were well prepared to have a wonderful and memorable birth! I thank you Isha and Leena and express my gratitude for the confidence u have inspired in me as I progress in my pregnancy and approach labor. My best wishes to you and Proactive 9. I would definitely recommend Proactive 9 to any Mom to be looking for Prenatal yoga!"

Hetal Porwal Jain

"Proactive9 is the best thing that has happened to me in my pregnancy. I had joined Proactive9 in my 19th or 20th week. Dr.Isha and Dr.Leena both are super helpful and amazing mentors. I had joined Proactive9 thinking of it as a normal yoga class for pregnant women but to my amazement & surprise it was much more than was a proper fitness class with a combination of yoga, gym and dance sessions (which I enjoyed the most). I could never imagine myself dancing during pregnancy but Proactive9 totally changed my outlook towards pregnancy. The efforts which Isha puts in each and every mom to be to solve the silliest of our queries is commendable. I'm sure I must have asked nth number of weird questions in this entire duration but Isha solved them all patiently. Also the pregnancy lectures which they take on different topics related to pregnancy are extremely helpful and knowledgeable. I would recommend Proactive9 to all the mothers to be for a fun, fit and healthy pregnancy. Thank you so much Isha and Leena for all your efforts to make our pregnancy journey comfortable and memorable."

Saloni Shah

"Well I am writing this review after my birth and hence have some additional info to share that totally describes the magic of joining proactive 9. Being a working girl, I never had a chance to start with their prenatal yoga but enrolled myself for lectures on various topics they conduct. I did my first lecture on breastfeeding when I was near to 30th week and labour lecture much later at 34th week. The amount of awareness I gained allowed me to put forth a birth plan for myself and gave me a lot of positivity and confidence towards my journey of motherhood. Dr Isha I must say is herself a magician. The way she would motivate, resolve queries and attitude of not giving up is commendable. I sooo much enjoyed all the lectures that in my 9th month I also did prenatal exercises which was one of the key reasons towards normal birth. I disliked duck walk but she patiently taught me, encouraged me in diff ways to make that work. I loved the pregnancy dance and was my favourite part out of all. At the end, all of this awareness and Isha's constant motivation and follow ups helped me make a very crucial decision of changing my care provider at 40th week and being able to birth normally. My existing care provider had put forth her choice of a planned C-Sec given baby's weight of 4kg on due date + 3 days. Had very few interactions with Dr Leena but whenever we spoke or her gestures just gave a lot of positive vibes. Special thanks to her as well! My thank you will never be enough for this wonderful class. I would just say that this class is not only recommended, but it's a must for every expecting mother!"

Dipika Jain

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