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Burnout To Bounce Meditation

With Ishita Iyer

March 6, 2019 - March 6, 2019

5:45 pm - 7:00 pm

Mumbai, India




"“Imagine how terrified a 25 year old guy is because he seems to have suddenly developed palpitations, and feels heavy around his chest, completely convinced that he has a problem with his heart. All the more because he saw his father go through an Angioplasty a few months before these weird symptoms began. These thoughts of having a serious heart ailment got stronger by the day, some much that at a particular point, I thought I should admit myself in a cardiac hospital and get treated, just in case a serious health calamity befalls upon me. I was worried and stressed about what would happen to my family if something happened to me, and they in turn were worried about what had happened to me all of a sudden. I was also briefly prescribed medication by a Cardiologist for the same since the stress levels had impacted my ECG test results. It was just around then that my cousin introduced me to Ishita. We had a brief session 1st, where she took down my entire case, considered my medical reports, and I told her everything I was going through. She then explained, psychologically and physiologically, what was happening to me and why, and also suggested Hypnotherapy as the course of treatment. After about 6 sessions, that involved rigorous self-work from my side, I was able to cope with my thoughts and emotions in an assertive way and was almost free of my fears, that I realized that I had chosen to grip on to tightly, that was leading to a range of other mental and physical problems. Her way of working and guiding people to realize that they are in power and responsible for their own well being helped me heal my own self and come our stronger than before. Her techniques are simple, and the effort she invests in all her clients is commendable. I personally thank her for all the support she has given me in helping me over come my issues. Keep all the good work that you do, Ishita!” "

A. Daria ; MBA ; Corporate at a Multi National Company, Mumbai, India

"”If what you are looking for is a non-judgmental, caring safe haven in which you will experience the power of therapy in many forms; Ishita is your lady. She has guided me through years of trauma and equipped me with the ability to love myself and work through emotional issues, more practically and effectively. I love the fact that she is not only a Psychologist, but has studied forms of energy healing such as Reiki. Her understanding of the science, as well as different forms of alternative therapies are a powerful and unmatched combination, and something I would definitely recommend to people looking for a good therapist. If it wasn’t for Ishita, who knows where I would be!” – "

R. Williams. Artist & Digital Entrepreneur, Johannesburg, South Africa

"“We all go through phases in life when we have no idea what we are doing, why we are doing and what it will all lead to. It is an even more difficult decision sometimes for mothers with young children. I spoke to Ishita about this phase and how it kept sucking me in. It was not just about positive thinking as she made me understand ; there were deeper layers that were very subconscious and belief patterns formed in my childhood. Also, as I got married very early in my life and had the responsibility of kids early, and also having lost both my parents very young, I felt I had zero identity of my own and was dragging through life. I had a few sessions with Ishita and I worked on myself with all the techniques that she taught me. She made me understand where and how to invest my mental and emotional energy, and the importance of forgiveness to set myself and my loved ones free. Today, I am a very successful Pre-school teacher with almost running the school, and also run a booming class for children. I have grown mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually and financially. I share a beautiful relationship with my family, and I am blessed with love, happiness and abundance all around me. I have learnt our recovery and our issues are our responsibility, and the day you choose to love your self and own your power, your life truly starts changing. Thank You for being the guiding light in my life, Ishita.. Love you!’ "

S. Khona – Pre-school Teacher, Mumbai, India