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"When I met Jalaja first time in 2016, I was into deep troubles with lot of questions about the things happening in my life. Since then, her Astrology predictions, suggestions, remedies, Access Bars, her Astrology classes and other spiritual modalities that I have taken completely changed my point of view about life and my way of thinking. I always feel it's so fortunate to meet Jalaja. The way she reads the chart and the success rate of her predictions made me to start learning astrology from her. She is so humble and excellent astrologer. Her patience in explaining things makes me wonder always. I always feel her experience in many things made her to look at situations in different angles which I may not think off. She always gives simple but very effective remedies. Her Vastu suggestions bought so many things in my life. I am eagerly waiting for her Vastu class to start off. Also, the way she facilitates Access Bars is awesome. It really helped me to get greater mental clarity and problem-solving capacity. Whenever I feel like stuck or need suggestion first name that comes to my mind is Jalaja. Thank you Jalaja for all your help and support."


"Had a great consultation session with Jalajakshi. She was very patient while listening to my queries. Articulated the readings very well. Also shared encouragement and positivity at the same time. Suggested good measures to practice for a better development and self care as remedies rather than complex solutions. "


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