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"This was my first tarot reading and it was quite amazing. I was not sure how this would work with me in canada and jalpa in india, but it worked out extremely well. JALPA is fantastic! The reading was very spot on and I told her the cards know me well. It is exactly what I need to move forward. The things she told me were spot on with my life and who I am as a person. She was very helpful because I was not sure what it was I needed to do but she guided me in the right direction. The information I received was very accurate. I will most definitely go this again"

Zohra Samnani

"I know Jalpa since years and after consulting her on multiple occasions, it was always a pleasure to get a correct feedback from Tarot readings from her. Though she know me a bit, her reading is never biased to what I want to hear. She is very true to her art and has a gift of Tarot reading. If you are looking for some genuine readings, connect with her without a doubt. "

Kushal Parikh

"This was my first time when it comes to tarot reading. I was not having any clue on how it normally works. Jalpa explained me very clearly on how it works and gave very practical feedback on the cards which I had selected. She is very clear on what she wants to say and is an excellent listener as well. I had a wonderful experience with the session."

Harshit Shah

"I had a amazing reading with Jalpa, I have had readings in the past however this one couldn’t have been more spot on for what is occurring for me right now. I was left very reassured and on a natural high. Jalpa you were amazing and it was a pleasure to have my reading done by you. I’d recommend you to anyone. Thank You!"

Meet patel

"Reached out to Jalpa with a clouded and a confused state of mind. Had many doubts about how to handle some situations at hand. Jalpa's Tarot session helped me find a direction towards which I am working and feel a lot more in control now. Jalpa is a great listener, patient and great at her Tarot Skills. Thanks Jalpa."

"This was my first experience with Tarot reading and was pleasantly surprised with the correlation to my life situations. I found Jalpa quite fluent with her readings and also a very patient throughout the session. Overall it was a good experience. "

"The accuracy of her knowledge is special , it is her calming energy and positive persona which is most comforting . She will not mince her words , and you can feel the confidence of her study behind that . Very patient listener , thorough professional, unbelievably accurate readings definitely coming back for more insight ."


"Jalpa is my secret weapon adviser. Readings are very accurate and her intuition and skills are amazing. I cannot recommend her enough. If you’ve never experienced Jalps's prowess for yourself, you’d better get to it, pronto"

"I am very satisfied with the reading done by Jalpa. She was patient and answered all my questions. She explained her reading in detail and cleared any doubts I had. She guided me very well. 👌 "