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"Thank you very much for the section of the 15 January. A couple of hours before the section i was very tired and i had a pain in my neck and shoulders. The only thing that i wanted to do, was to sleep (+10h). What happened the next day was amazing! After the session, I felt like a new person. All the fear and the worry i had since 2008 shifted. What is even more amazing, is that this happened to my husband as well, even though he doesn’t know anything about 15 of January and your session. To us, it feels like a new wave of energy, calmer and more peaceful is on earth and the body needs time to adjust,but is all worthy. Nature knows how to balance everything. From the bottom of my heart i want to thank you, for all your work and KOHA ( it is a strange synchronicity, I’m originally from Albania, and in Albanian Koha means TIME)"


"I have been listening to the free updates as well as the programs purchased over the years. I am finding for the first time in my life, health (energy) and quite instant manifestation. Things seem to be coming quite quickly lately. My health and energy has not been this good in 25 years. I am finding the answers to long term problems. I felt a dramatic shift in August of last year and again in December. Anyway, I wanted to share after listening to your last broadcast and thank you for all you do. Your work has had a major effect on moving me forward and through what was a VERY dark year August 2015- August 2016. Nothing happened to me per say, but many people in my family really struggled. My husband and other family had serious health and we had financial problems (yet not really as we always found a way to make ends meet). The Mary Magdalene program got me through many tough days. "


"I have just listened to your new Light Language From Beyond the Beyond and I thought you might like a little feed back on this. While listening for the first time I suddenly knew for me I would need to listen to this transmission 3 times. I replayed this before you asked how anyone was feeling. I will admit I wasn’t feeling a great deal on the first two times but when I began to listen for the third time a began to see a S like pattern beginning to form around my head and then I realized it was taking the shape of a DNA pattern. So I was feeling that this was definitely to do with DNA downloads, codes and activations of some form. So thank you I look forward to seeing how this transforms. "

Linda Ezzy

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