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"Really liked the reading! She wasn't hesitant to answer my innumerable questions. I m mch satisfied with the reading. Thanks!!"

"Liked the way she explained everything and guided me ."


"Was hesitant first but glad to receive professional reading and guidance. With cooperative tone she answered my various questions. Thanks"


"she could not answer properly. I know the condition and shes befooling."

saksham grover

"I had booked mitali jain but she was busy and instead of her this arya tarrot called me. I didnt got my answers well she was just saying its Upon you. She didn't gave answers nicely she was a bit rude. When i was asking questions she was just saying its up to you. And she was just saying immature i am 20 and enough to understand a relationship and then she just hung up saying its high time. What is this behavior. I didn't find my money worth here. Refund my money becoz this is not a proper behavior. I paid for it its not like i didn't paid for which i got this kind of reponse"

Ankita Gupta