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"Living Mindfully in today’s fast paced and busy life seemed impossible until I met this terrific mentor, who trained me to become alert to every moment for something as minor as brushing my teeth with complete focus. These practices made me more aware of my being. With her powerful meditation techniques along with her beautiful presence and the auro she radiates, she has changed the way I live for the best. Thank you Kamal!"

Chaitali Kulkarni

"Kamal is an epitome of peace and cheerfulness. Each meditation session or in fact even a simple conversation with her makes one calm, peaceful and realise one's inherent potential. She is love and fun personified. Sometimes she is a mother, sometimes a dear friend, and sometimes a truly inspiring teacher- a very rare combination in one person. It's a blessing to know you, Kamal."

Sonia Anand

"Hi all I have known Kamal for quite sometime and I think she's a fabulous meditation teacher who can really guide you on the right path and moments. She's so calm and accurate with her teachings that any of us would not want to leave her as her guidance and teaching level is so high and perfect besides being a good and clean soul so everyone all the best and am sure you will be able to judge her the same as I have done"

Nita Hemani

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