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"I have been taking hypnotherapy session from Mrs.Kavitha for my addictions and self image issues, going through the sessions have revealed parts of me kept in the blind which I myself wasn't aware. By bringing clarity into my life I was able to recover my self and create a more positive outlook on myself and in turn onto life itself. All this was possible only through ma'ms constant effort and therapy sessions, I am grateful to Mrs.Kavitha for spending her valuable time and consitent effort to recover parts of me I thought I once lost. Thanks to her hypnotherapy session I feel alive and am able to embrace a new and positive outlook in life"

"Hi kavitha . Millions n billions thanks to u for changing my life for the better . I had an issues of fear from my husband but during your sessions i came to know the root cause of this issue . I am so thankful to you and also how u hold me in my worst times . You empowered me n made me realize my own worth through the process . Thank you again for this act of kindness . You are doing a graet work n i would say now i am so confident about myself n also not scared of anyone if i am not wrong . Keep doing this great work and touch people life. You means a lot to me . Thank you so much ."


"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for your patience and care shown to handle my fears and issues related to my back pain. I had been suffering with this back pain for couple of years now and since I attended my first session with you, it has completely changed the definition of well being with positive mind set. It has been thoroughly wonderful Experience attending seesion and has brought in lot of positive things in my life. Recently I have also started to participate in snooker tournaments and with your mind training of seeing the good in every situation has won laurels for me. I won my first snooker tournament in last two years. I once again thank you for your healing sessions and looking forward to having more sessions with you"

Ranganath Kapsi

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