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"Though I have some amount of faith in occult practices like Astrology, Gem stones, Reiki etc, I never really had any faith or even inclination to go for a tarot reading. I had scant respect for the Tarot reading practice and considered it to be no better than road side astrologers who use a parrot to pick up some random cards and gives you some crap random predictions. I had know Ketaki for quite some time and had seen her doing healing and cleansing aura very effectively and when I came to know that she had started practicing Tarot reading I was compelled to give it a shot. I had always sensed that Ketaki is naturally blessed with heightened intuitiveness and psychic qualities hence out of curiosity I had requested her to do a Tarot reading for me and I must say it was an amazing experience. I am grateful to Ketati for helping me identify and resolve a conflict in my life which I think nobody other than me knew about and since then my life has been much better. I sincerely wish Ketaki all the very best in her Tarot reading endeavor and wish that it benefits many more people like me and transform lives. God Bless. Rajaram M Bagayatkar Ex-Sr Director & Vertical Head Dr Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd Hyderabad"

Rajaram Bagayatkar

"I have known Ketaki'a amazing intuitive reading and sensitivity towards individuals who have come for reading or even to converse with her. The satisfaction and comfort one receives through the sessions she conduct is worth every penny. I would surely recommend everyone to try once and see for yourself , not all work for just money some work to help help humanity genuinely and make their living and I can vouch that she is the one whose doing good work for humanity ! "

Aditi Saxena

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