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"I have been looking for a reiki healer and to experience it from quite some time when I met with Kokila. Her knowledge and own experience about the this Energy healing technique was very impressive and my search ended here. We started with reiki sessions and the effect was hugely positive. Being in the field of therapy myself, I was aware that the changes would be subtle and dependent on the receptivity of the client/patient. The first session itself was very relaxing, I felt significant reduction in the levels of stress I was carrying. Over the series of sessions, I could feel the opening up of blocks in my body and there was smooth a flow of energy. The most evident benefit was felt at throat chakra as I witnessed a higher level of confidence in my verbal expression or presentation skills. Also the stiffness and pain in my knees almost vanished after the sessions. Overall it was a rejuvenating experience. I have lot of trust and respect for Reiki and huge amount of gratitude towards Kokila for bringing this sacred energy healing to my body, mind and soul in her calm and composed way. "

Rakhee Mathur

"I have met Kokila during a very difficult phase of life. She helped me to overcome difficult emotions by her great counseling skills . She is a very good EFT practitioner and gets to root cause to heal a person. Thank you Kokila for providing counseling and support at the right time."

Dr. Rachana Ghatol Shetty

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