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"Yes I know Kuhoo Gupta. I have done 3 different WhatsApp courses with her- the Chakra Balancing/healing, spiritual parenting and self love. She is an amazing person, her care towards every participant is very keenly visible. She gave her best for everyone in the course, she was available at any point of time during the course. The course content was apt. For those who requested for the content to be made available even after the course finish, she helped those too I love the way she guided us spiritual and help us heal and love ourselves.i have referred her to my other friends and they feel the same about her and the course."

Meena Subramanium

"I had attended Kuhoo Gupta's Self Love Workshop in September 2018. It was week long workshop with step-wise journey towards our goal to achieve Self Love. A very well organised, tailor made content for the workshop helped me to pave my road-map to this amazing journey. Throughout the workshop, Kuhoo was a guiding light, helping me to understand, unleashing layer by layer aspects of the subject. She was right there when I came across any doubt and her kind and soothing voice made it all very spiritual. A workshop that started with a curiosity opened a new way for me to self and others. I am really thankful that this happened to me and I found a true spiritual Master in Kuhoo. "

Sumant Sambrey

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