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"Lakhi Chand Jain began to use an assortment of textures, canvasses and new media for his Mandana paintings, a little over two decades ago. Thanks to his efforts, the art form has made its way from the floors and walls of Rajasthan into the living rooms of city dwellers in India and, quite possibly, other parts of the world. "

The Marwar India (March-April issue, 2018)

"As Lakhichand Jain’s agile fingers trace an intricate pattern of white chalk across a red, earth-smeared background; traditional Rajasthani Mandana art comes alive, reminiscent of the designs on the walls and floors of rural houses in the Land of Kings. "

India Today, Offtrack, (Dec. 27, 2004)

"If students from different design fields learn this art, they will get a new vision and knowledge of how to apply design principles, symmetry, asymmetry, and design esthetic."

The POOL, issue 38