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"Latika is a multi talented coach, she improved my & my friend's daily routine to reduce my job stress, eating habits, fitness level, or maybe I can say she improved my lifestyle from a dull & unhealthy routine to a healthy and happy lifestyle."

Ravi Goel

"Latika has guided me on my Lifestyle pattern and helped adopting a healthier lifestyle. Our counselling focus was more on the Stress Management and Lifestyle challenges that we face in day to day life. She has monitored and guided my daily activity - workouts and food habits at the same time with a focus on my sleeping pattern and how to manage stress in a positive way."

Nitin Sukhija

"Latika has counselled me in my lifestyle habits. I have taken counselling on stress management. That has helped me manage stress and stay calm in excessive work load. Today, I am leading an active and stress free lifestyle with daily workout, eating balanced food and getting sound sleep."

Nikhil Kaushik