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"To whom so ever this may concern, I went to Latika Narang for her full body scan to get a detailed understanding of how my body is performing and what all precautions I should take. Not only was I told about each and every functionality aspect of my body, the team studied my report of 2 days understanding how my body functioned to a cellular level. They helped me identify traits for my body type that will help in a better and more wholesome life."

Ajiteshwar Singh

"I was given mixed opinions about Regression Therapy from friends and so was unsure and skeptical about it. However, my experience with Latika Mam was blissful I thought I would be hypnotized and would not know what was happening, contrary I was aware of my being where I was and yet in a sort of dream state. I was worried about becoming emotional & vulnerable but the session intense yet in the end I was very calm & I was feeling very safe The session lasted for about 2.5 hours and I guess as I lost the sense of time as I drifted into my younger childhood days as well as into one past with Latika Mam guiding me throughout the session. It was interesting that I took all the decisions through the sessions, which gave me a sense of empowerment during the session itself! When the session ended I was awake, bit emotional and yet I felt free as I used to feel when I was a kid in school and the last class bell would ring, the same feeling of ”School is over!’’ I was feeling very light & I was more like I am more complete or I was in bliss. Now after two sessions, I am constantly recommending Regression Therapy, to people who feel that they are stuck in their personal or professional Life. I would also like to suggest it for people who are suffering from psychological states such as depression or anxieties. It can also really help people who have suffered loss in their family or have suffered any kind of trauma physiological, psychological or accidents. "

Dr P.Pangtey

"It was in December 2016 my cousin suggested Bach Flower remedy to me when I complained to him regarding my personal life issues and how stress and scattered I had been feeling. I visited Mrs.Latika Narang who practices the Bach Flower Remedy. Initially I was just hopeful to attain some respite and sanity from the stress, resentment, unknown fear, being indecisive, uncertainty of future and the list was a long one. Mrs.Latika Narang came out to be BY FAR the best for me to come out of most of the issues I was facing in my life. She was very patient and took time to understand the situation and the root cause of the problem before prescribing me the Bach Flower remedy. On my frequent visits we have exchanged the details of my progress and the way I feel and basis the discussion she prescribes a new set of Bach Flower remedy which has few changes in the little bottle, which she gives me. The best part about her is that she gives enough time and gives her full attention to analyse and assess the issues , its not about only hearing but LISTENING, she actually listens to me and helps me later with her advise and suggestions. I have immense gratitude towards her as she had been able to guide me in the right direction in life with all her remedy pertaining to Bach Flower. It REALLY HELPS . I have been taking Bach Flower remedy for the last 6 months and it has helped me to be a different person altogether, this has helped in get through all of my life crisis which I had been suffering from the last 3 years. No one should be without Flower Remedy as it’s a must for every household in this century."

Ritesh Gupta

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