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" I was going through an anxiety problem and fighting through depression when I met Lilya. I have been to several counsellors but I did not see any major changes in my personality. They would definitely help me temporarily but I wanted to transform as a person and not get dependent on professional help. When I met Lilya she was extremely confident about making a more balanced and level headed woman and to my surprise I started seeing changes in my behavior, thoughts and personality in just two sessions. It worked for me because she gave me short exercises, readings and helped me manage my emotions better in order to become independent. By the end of 3 months I feel a lot more calm and confident, less insecure and I can definitely manage my challenges and emotions much better. I am grateful to have met Lilya, have the opportunity to learn from her and grow into the person I always wanted to be. "


"Liya came into my life at the exact moment I truly needed her. I spend a lot of time and energy mentoring young people - so much so that I have begun neglecting my own personal needs. The intuitive that she is, Lilya began to lead me into recognizing my own needs more and by nurturing myself on a higher level, I could improve my ability to help others. Her daily yoga sessions strengthened my body, while her words of wisdom strengthened my soul. I will always be grateful for you "

David, USA

"The thing I love about Lilya most is that I just show up at her doorstep and she will pick the exact emotion that’s been bothering me to work on without me saying anything to her. Healing is a very personal and internal journey and Lilya not only helps guide you through it but is always there holding your hand. She creates a safe space and loving environment and I’d recommend her to everyone! "

Pooja Dhingra,Pastry Chef and founder of Le 15 Patisserie and Cafe, Author, entrepreneur.

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