Malvika Kapoor- Therapist -Access Bars, Body work, Energy Healing |



"I had been connected with Malvika Mam'm few months ago, my husband and brother took some SOP and Star magic healing sessions from her, she is Magic ......the way she supported me unconditionally that is phenomenal, Gratitude from bottom of my heart, Lots of Love "

Priti Agrawal

"Malvika introduced me to the world of access and gave me immensely healing sessions which have brought huge changes in my life. She has been my facilitator for a bars and foundation class. The generosity of spirit and awareness she imparts in the sessions goes has an expansiveness that stays with you. You have a gift Malvika, and that is gifting people more and more awareness in their lives....and it's a gift that you share with such magnanimity. In gratitude to know and be with you... Lots of love and hugs."

Ruchika Handa

"Just did a session with Malvika and the kindness & intuition she has is life transforming!!!!! So much gratitude for you my dear! What a gift you are to the world . Totally love and adore you. See you soon."

Puneet Mann