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"Hope the below helps. That's a review I left with her personally too - That was the first tarot reading I have ever gotten but the way the whole system was clarified to us is something to be appreciated. Not the just prediction part, I actually understand how she did it too. Makes so much sense now ๐Ÿ˜… It was really really fun. I remember asking some questions to her that scared me a bit as well. The answers were not negative but not as per my hopes either and they don't have to be. But what I appreciate is the way she explained every single aspect involved in the situation and in a really optimistic way. Shows that she has a wider perspective to look at the world. The reading was in depth and amazing. She keeps telling us sights and sounds that she's getting intuitively which is very interesting ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ฏ"

Deepika Tulshan

"I and a friend had gotten a reading done from her recently. We came to know about her from another friend in the flat. She is very friendly and attentive. Very attentive to details, even the smallest ones. Before and after reading support and doubt clearance was really good. During the reading, my friend was a bit shook when she pointed out some very unusual yet true events that have taken place in our lives. Which justifies the credibility of future telling. We got readings done for education, travel, love and personal growth done from her. For that she used Tarot and Oracle cards(I guess that's what they're called). Such positive and practical looking insights impressed us both plus she's not greedy like most so called readers these days. She took a lot of time to do the reading in detail and cleared all doubts properly with cards and intuitively. Hope this helps๐Ÿ˜Š"

Yashasvi Durani

" had gotten a reading from her last month. Very reliable source of insights, I must say! We covered a variety of areas like family, friends, love, career, education, self growth, etc. And a lot of it seems very very practical. Some of it has already started to come true on small-scale though. She offers very positive insights and very realistic ones too so all in all very modest. She herself has a really amazing story which we got to discuss and that tells why the insights are the way they are. I got a detailed and informative reading in private and it was amazing"

Harshitha Grandhi


"To be honest, it was an amazing session with Manya. It was just not the answers to my question that mattered, but the detailed interpretation was that made the difference. I now have a totally different perspective to the coming year, a exact oppositie to what I had till I spoke. Thank You for an awesome session."

"Sessions with Manya was simply amazing and graceful! The session was so indepth and her positive energy made me feel so calm and relaxed. She gave me an insight of my situation in detail and suggested simple remedies too. She has helped me to have faith and to believe in divine power. I am looking forward to her predictions coming true. "

Sangke Konyak

"Manya is amazing therapist. She explains each reading so patiently and handle your concerns. She is postive person which is shown in her reading as well "

"Manga gave me a very in depth reading . Also she was very positive . She told me everything accurately . I would recommend her to everyone. I took a session for more than an hour . "

"Manya gave me an in depth reading regarding my issues . She was very honest and accurate . I loved the positivity radiating form her . Took sessions for more than an hour . Totally worth it . Japji "

"She is just Awesome! Super energy and super charged with really confident reads. Bless you! "


"so gifted and accurate, i just keep going back for more and more predictions and guidance from her. "


"It was so refreshing talking to her. She is patient and explains things beautifully. Very positive energy and vibe. Accurate in her reading as well. I loved speaking to her. Definitely recommend"


"She is the best i mean she fill people with so much of positivity and hope she make sure twice before giving the ans to our question. I loved talking to her most accurate ans you get from her โค๏ธ."


"Manyaโ€™s readings were extremely spot on and crisp to the point. She gives indepth insights into your problems and gives appropriate solutions and tools to get better results in life. She embodies positivity and just speaking with her you instantly get a calming effect on yourself. Extremely blessed to have found a therapist like her in life."


"If it comes to reading, I prefer only Manya. Got clarifications for many of my life problems and got some valuable information & suggestions too. Completely satisfied. Thank you Madam ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป"


"She is an amazing reader and therapist.I have been taking sessions from her for past few months and i must say she is very accurate also the way she explain things is just awesome,she is very caring and listen to you very carefully and then gove you the detail reading and analysis and also gives remedies,I totally recommend her and even now my friends have started taking readings from her just go for her and god bless you Manya."


"I have done session with Manya couple of months back when I was going through very rough phase of life, she answered all my questions with patience and was very humble through out session After that I have consulted her for many sessions before taking very important decision of my life, her predictions came very accurate and i am in better place now than i was before All thanks to her reading and her communication She always makes us comfortable. I would recommend her for reading. Keep helping Manya ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š"

Manya Padhi

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