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"I am doing meditation on my own for a year .I met Mehek few months ago .She recommended me to do one day meditation camp with her .It was a beautiful experience .She was very patient and understanding and guided me through the process smoothly .Her voice is very soothing and gentle .She was genuinely interested in understanding my difficulty and guided me accordingly . She is a very loving and caring person .She gives personalized attention to every one . She has all the qualities of a therapist to heal . All the best Mehek!"

Sonali Tapadar

"Had a wonderful experience of learning yoga from Mahek. She not only takes personal attention on our asanas but also guides on how to be positive in life by way of mediation. This practice has helped me in my routine life. Thank you Mahek for always being there with me and got guiding me whenever needed."

Shaila Karkera

"I, Vikas Manghani, work as a software project manager in a reputed MNC in the United States. This recommendation is for Mehek Wadhwa from whom I was learning yoga during my trip to India in Jan-Feb 2020. I find Mehek to be very knowledgeable and thorough about Yoga. She takes a holistic approach to one’s wellbeing, not limited to Yoga asanas only. Before we started, she asked me a number of questions about my day-to-day lifestyle, general psyche and any specific health areas I wanted to address. Then she fine-tuned the sessions to specifically cater to those health concerns, also keeping in mind the time constraints I have as a working professional. For each exercise she would explain the relevance of that asana. She would also provide variations that I could perform in case the original pose was difficult. As I practiced, she was quick to point out where I was going wrong with the asanas and guided me on how to correct them. She was kind enough to also dwell upon other related areas such as Pranayama, Meditation and Mudras. She even suggested a number of dietary options to improve upon my health. Overall, albeit short, it was a very good experience learning Yoga from Mehek. I would definitely recommend her as a Yoga guru."

Vikas Manghani

" Thank you Mehek, enjoyed every moment of the session. The impact of your session is still on, I have been laughing and making others laugh with me in my family. Perfect timing. Very creative way of conducting it. Good luck, looking forward to see more of you:)"

Veenu Shivdasani

"I met Mehek a few months ago through a women's community I'm a part of. And, her calm nature and demeanor instantly put me at ease. I participated in a laughter yoga session facilitated by Mehek recently and she did a fantastic job. Laughter is the best medicine they say but we often forget this saying in our daily lives. The exercises Mehek took us through were simple and easy to implement even at home. We lead such stressful lives these days that it's so, so important to laugh, do yoga and live life to the fullest. I thoroughly enjoyed Mehek's session and even asked her to do a session for my company. Totally worth your time and you won't regret it. You will remember the kid in you once you do this session with her. "

Kritika Kulshrestha

"Mehek is adept at interacting with people and filled with positivity which emanates to the participants she engages with. Truly inspiring. Can change your outlook to life."

Vishaka Karnad

"I would like to thanks mehek wadhwa for helping me understanding with my attachments that I had with my family members so much so that I was crying like a baby if they dint reciprocate their love back to me that I gave them.... every one moved in their lives but I was too attached to them still like a innocent lover... and was very hurt at times or worried at times with the response I got from them, I was very sad and dint know what to do with my attachments with them. But mehek helped me to understand with different therapy and exercises that really made a shift in my mind and made me understand different perspective of life... she gave me homework that really inspired me to do it then n there for example learning a instrument just after the class i joined it immediately the power of her being made that shift in me immediately and I am feeling very good today just like a hope of living my life finding happiness in my own life instead of dependent on others for your happiness.... I am so thankful to her for being the best facilitators who helped me to understand my strengths and move ahead for myself. Thanks mehek wadhwa really appreciate your unconditional love and support "

Rachana vishwanath sharma

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