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"I couldn't recommend using Meher's services enough! Their natural and brilliant ways for curing allergies are commendable and have truly lasted long term. I had several food allergies which I was not even aware about, and was constantly getting watery and swollen eyes, sneezing, headaches due to them and was taking anti histamines every two days. Once they tested me (extremely non invasive, quick and accurate) I started their acupuncture treatments regularly and never have to carry an Allegra with me anymore! It's been more than 2.5 years and I am good to go, and even go back to her sometimes when I start any new antibiotics to make sure it agrees with my body. She is amazing, calm, understanding and professional! "

Ms Pia Shivdasani

"My experience with Meher ma”ams treamtent - NAET has been life changing. I was allergic to so many things that for almost 1.5years I was having mostly roti and butter. I broke my thumb and could not even have the medicine without my throat paining due to allergic reaction. I searched on google and after sometime i was able to find a treatment for it and booked an appointment with her. She wasn’t in the country at that time but was kind enough to reply on email whatever questions I had. When I went there for the first time, something in my mind knew that I’m on the road to recovery. After the testing we did the first treatment and the following day I had eggs after a gap of couple of years without any reaction. She has given me a new lease at life. Her testing is incredibly accurate and her knowledge is immense. In fact I often ask for her advice for other non treatment related things as well. Without exaggerating. I would say she is simply a genius and probably the best in the world at what she does - NAET. "

Mr Karan Narula

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