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"Hello! Known Mona for years, she is very hardworking and committed to her work. She gives 100% to any project she engages in; Art was her dream and passion, she embraced it and has grown into a ' Fine ' Art therapist. Recently Mona was acknowledged as the international professional member of the American Art therapy Association and also invited to attend a conference in Kansas City in the USA ( This is one among the rarest invitation extended to an ART THERAPIST from INDIA). Art therapy being fairly new in India, Mona's research papers will be a great resource for the future. Mona's Empathy, ability to problem solve, and good listening skills are a great asset in helping people deal with difficult and complex situations. She makes people smile through Art no matter who they are or where they come from."

Elizabeth Gnalian

"Hi, Mona Joy is an experienced artist, therapist. I recommend her since she was my batch mate during Arts Based Therapy training. I have seen her work when she was working in our organisation with teenage boys. She was very professional and effective. "

Hitanshu sekhar Tandy

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