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"First of all, thank you Namrata for showing the right way to eat. I have had weight issues since many years & have been dealing with PCOS. I have tried gyms, diet and what not but they left me drained out or I used to starve. But, after my first consultation with Namrata regarding weight loss and healthy eating, I was sure I wanted to follow her guidance. Its been 6 months now, I have reduced weight and now I fit into a size smaller than before. I would like to add that I am happy with results with the kind of lifestyle I have where I cannot manage to get anytime for exercise & having PCOS makes it worse. Above all I do not have any cravings for junk. I have learnt about eating right. I am eating home made food which leaves me satisfied. "

Mona Macwan

"My experience with Namrata was extremely helpful. When I went to her for the first time my diabetes was not in control. It had shooed up to 465. With the diet that she asked me to follow I was able to keep my diabetes in control & after 2 months it came down to 121. She gave me a balanced and simple diet which made sure that I don't starve plus which gives me all the nutrients really needed for my body. At present from 4 tablets/day, it has come to only a single tablet a day and this journey of fighting diabetes has been amazing and my energy levels have been great. So a 5 star for Dietitian Namrata Manyal"

Leo Macwan

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