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"I’m 20 year old. This phase of my life has been a series of fortunate and unfortunate events happening around me. Having dealing with depression myself, my relationship with my parents and my siblings and new growing friendships seemed broken and insignificant to me. Neha Ma’am has helped see my life with a different perception. A very helpful one. Perception which will always help me build stronger relationships with my parents and pals. She has always tried to place a mirror in front of me. Helping me deal with my past and my present. We are looking forward to my future. I’m well aware of the uncertainties and challenges which lies ahead. Neha ma’am has been helping me through this transition phase of my life. As she has made me realise that being not brave is enough in life but also thinking practically. Facing the realities of life. Which most of the people my age avoid. I want to thank you. Neha ma’am. For helping me sort my puzzle Pieces. Well, as we know, there are more."

Neha Mody

"Hello! I've reached out to Neha in some of the most challenging times when faced with dilemmas to seek guidance. I always found her to be patient with her approach in enabling me to have a clearer perspective about the factors that need to be focused on in the current scenario. I find her readings very helpful since they are apt and specific to the questions asked. Her responses manage to calm my anxieties and help me deliberate on the areas that I need to work on and showcase the positive outcomes of a certain situation. Do get in touch with her when you feel the need to have a calm and composed guide to show you the light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you. Barkha"

Neha Mody

"I got in touch with Neha after I found her number on a Facebook group. I was having really tough issues with husband and mother-in-law due to which I had got into a negative state of mind and was thinking of quitting the relationship with my husband. I was in a real low phase. But after meeting Neha she first taught me to be strong and be happy with myself first. She taught me some breathing exercises and meditation which helped me to be calm and look at situations from a different perspective. She asked me to speak to my husband in a certain way about the issues that we had and I did so. This really helped pull back my relationship with him to a better mode. Even my relationship with mother-in-law improved. She taught me that every situation can be tackled in a different way and that quitting is not the answer. The exercises helped me think and feel good about myself. Thinking, writing, speaking, expressing myself everything she asked me to do. She is indeed a very reliable counseller. Thanks Neha."

Neha Mody

"Good Morning Neha As we come to the end of this year, I want to give a special thanks to you for working with me on the most important issue of my life which I have struggled with, till date. Appreciate you agreeing to be my mentor and counsellor on this issue and working with me. Thank you for your personal attention to my issues which has helped me and kept me motivated at all times to work harder for a problem resolution. Appreciate all the help you have given me personally and professionally in my lifes hardest times and for playing the pivotal role in my journey to control and manage my anger. I am grateful to you fo this. Thank you."

Neha Mody

"Dear Neha, Greetings Of the Day! On behalf of ICICI Foundation i would like to extend our appreciation for the amazing effort and contribution done by you on World Youth Skill Day, The session you took and the way you interacted with participants has impressed the entire team immensely. Your diligence, self motivation as well as dedication have been a source of inspiration for the rest of the participants. Thank you once again for all your efforts. Please find the Google Drive link of recording. image duy-bkzd-zza (2020-07-14 at 23_08 GMT-7).mp4 -- With Regards Ashfaq Ahmed Nasir Sr, Faculty –Office Administration ICICI Foundation for Inclusive Growth m: +91-8518020006, p: +91-788-6664-206 a: Livelihood College & ICICI Academy for Skills, Durg Old BSP School, Near A-Market, Street No. 18, Sector-6 Bhilai, Dist. Durg (C.G.) - 490006 w:"

Neha Mody

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