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"I ​E-​met ​N​eha through online group and something about her ​COMPELLED me to visit her web page ​,once I had done that ​I left it at that thinking I would approach ​her ​ one-day it so happened that I went for a movie and​ saw her, ​I went up and introduced my self to her ,we began chatting in wassap and one day she invited me for a day course ,which helps in understanding our self and life in. better way ​she spoke on various topics, her experiences and how canwe gain from our day to day life I met with her for four sessions one to one on learning a lot of things about myself and making my work life-more productive and and enriching ​the same ​she is very patient and practical she teaches you ​how to get the best out of your life and truly helps you realise your own potential I would like to ​thank Neha, for getting me to remember what I was in my earlier days and what I had lost somewhere in the last few years of my life"

Vinita Punwani

"Neha Vikas is your dream come true coach. Once you share space with her, your life and business can never be the same again. I'm so glad I met her. What started out as a set of business coaching sessions has blossomed into not just a business that's growing day and night beyond my wildest dreams but also a completely different, happier, more relaxed, amazing version of me. She never holds anything back and is a Power House of Knowledge and Tools for every situation where you feel stuck, be it life or business. Her company is aptly called Transform With Neha. She's a magician of transformation. I'm short of words to describe the contribution she can be to you and your life. Everyone out there must receive the magic she is. Thanks Neha for being you. You're truly phenomenal"

Wilma Dsouza

"If you really want to transform your life and yourself trust Neha she will show you how you can do it easily step by step. Stay tuned to her page for all the great content she shares. Love you Neha. Keep transforming people and their lives."

Deeksha Tripathi

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