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"I was diagnosed with major depressive disorder. Although I was on medication but my state of mind was still not improving. Then my brother got me to online counselling sessions with nehal mam. I got almost 8 counselling sessions. Initially I was doubtful if it is really going to help me but honestly It did. Nehal mam is really a master who knows her job very well. With each session I could sense something better in me. I m still following All her homeworks that she used to aasign me during the sessions because those were the lessons that one could follow all along his life to have a healthy life. Really I am very very thankful to nehal mam"

Jyotsna sharma

"Starting June 2009, I have appeared for CA exams PCC or Final for successive attempts till finally clearing in May 2015. The whole process of re appearing for exams and the constant 'F' on my marksheet, took a toll on my physical and emotional well being. Sometime, in April 2014, I started counseling with Nehal Gandhi. I took around 6-7 sessions with her. It not only helped me cope up with my failures but also deal with all the self doubts. I started reflecting on my actions and overcome my fears that helped me achieve my CA degree. It's been a process of self discovery for me and an integral part of my routine now!!"

Deepal Shah

"She is a very good counsellor and so friendly. My son was very hyperactive and stubborn. But after every session I could see something better in his behaviour. I am still following her homework which is assigned to my son during the session. She helped me a lot regarding my son's behaviour. I am very thankful to Nehal mam, she is such an amazing counsellor."

Prachi Gavkar

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