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"Neerja is an amazing couch, her sessions help you go on a journey of self discovery thereby unfolding many questions that life throws at you. It helps you breakthrough all your memories and belief systems and leading to a more content, more meaningful and much more happier life!!!"

Vishali Shetty

"I have known Niraja for the last five years. I have seen her evolve as a therapist and coach. I have personally experienced her therapy many times. Her sessions have been excellent and life changing. As a therapist she helps you to re-discover Thyself and take you through a mind blowing journey inwards. Thus helping you breakthrough all your barriers and experience a brand new You. She is very approachable and flexible with her sessions which she modifies as per your issues. "

Bishal Rai

"I have known niraja for a quite sometime. i have been in sessions with her for quite a while. She helps to explore the deepest areas of ourselves. A truest medium who helps to unravel the mysteries of oneself and help integrate and elevate you for a greater good. It has been a blessing i came across her and she helped me when i needed it the most. "

Vineeth Shetty

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