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"She was very helpful during my tough time, giving motivation, lending listening ears, being compassionate. I'm happy to have met her."


"I have attended so many kinds of wellness sessions by Padmajaa and absolutely love them. Padmajaa has been very kind to help me out during difficult times. Love her work and her positivity. She has successfully healed so many people including me. I love that she has data backing up her points. Which makes it more real. She is an absolute gem and I was lucky enough to be introduced to her at the right time. Thank you so much Padmajaa for everything!"

Shreya Das

"Padmajaa, the most amazing human who I have met and who has helped me achieve what I want and look at everything in a positive way. \nShe is a calm person who is always there for me when in need and she has motivated me and has also helped me overcome a lot of inhibitions. I’m very grateful to have met her. \nPadmajaa- you are beautiful inside out. Thankyou for everything! "

Sushmita M

"With one conversation, I felt blessed to have spoken to Padmaja. She speaks to the soul and refreshed me at core. Thanks so much"


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