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"It's such a great pleasure for me to share this feedback. Paraluman, she is my light. Whenever I face any darkness I just look for her n she shows me the light, so I can then see the next step n follow it and have reached where I am today. I cannot be more greatful that God has send her on my way in the journey of life. She has always enlightened me. There was one phase in my life where I was so lost, depressed and down, I felt like I cannot come out of that situation easily. The first person I thought of calling was her. After talking to her I felt that I have understood what is the problem and also why that is happening to me, and half of the problem was already solved. I can say I was saved, recovered and reached higher levels by following what she told me. I am so greatful and I feel so proud that I know her and feel so relaxed that she is always there to guide me whenever I face darkness...God always send some signals or some person to help us grow. For me she is the one. She has the power to change lives with her words and her wisdom. Allow her to guide you and see your growth. Lots and love of love to you Para. "

Jyoti Shaw