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"As I was struggling with many things..was not able to see things clearly and not able to focus on right path... but with the help of Parth Dewan's readings I can focus helped me in taking right decisions..his advices worked for me in all areas of life. Also his remedies are based on numerology which are really very effective. It made me realise alot of things. I am looking forward to my next session with him."

Simran Sachdeva

"His readings are on point and he's really good at his work. Highly recommended!"

Arunima Jain

"Parth is very friendly and non-judgemental. His tarot reading of the current situation l am in was bang on. he in fact revealed a few details which was only known to me.I am very satisfied with his readings. It was so accurate. His reading of the future through tarot only time will tell. he takes time to explain in detail the cards we have drawn and also is genuinely concerned about our well being. he taught me a few tools to help me get better results in my life. He guided me to be able to be put back on the right track, I need to prepare myself to make the changes and sacrifices necessary. In future i would like have more readings from him. "

Bilkish Siddiqui

"Parth is an excellent in his learnings. I have got a feedback which is very true and it matches the theory of the same vibrations. Thank you Parth and kindly note to ask Parth in many ways which he will do a justice to your signs."


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