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"Approaching Dr Pavani for my family issues was the best decision . She deeply understood my behavior and helped me understand my inner potential of taking responsibilities and grow better in life . I Defiantly recommend her."

Poonam Yadav

"Pavani is very warm, understanding and kind. It has been easy to connect with her. Pavani is a great listener and encourages me to embrace who I am and who I am becoming. She celebrates and encourages me to celebrate little wins. Pavani listening to me without judgement has helped me feel more confident and less worried about what other people think."

Suresh Kumbhar

"Dr. Pavani Nayak is very understanding and sincere but she also made sure she held me accountable for my actions. She is a great coach through all of my issues. She is knowledgeable about alternatives to the normal way of thinking, which will aid people who visit her for consultation."

Chandan Sharma

"Choosing Dr pavani for my sessions was very good decision . She instantly connected with my behavior ,also provided me undivided time and attention during sessions. She deeply understood my Problem and made an effective management plan for the same .i followed her guidance and situations improved with time . I definitely recommend her."

Poonam Yadav

"I first came to see Pavani when every area of my life seemed to be going wrong, and I felt I wanted to take control and turn things around. Pavani helped me to do that. She helped me to realise that its all about the way you react to something, and that you can change your thought processes. I now realise that you have options, and that it is within your own power to change things around. I am very grateful to Pavani for helping me to see things a different way, and giving me the tools to be a better, calmer, more confident version of myself. I can honestly say I now feel happy the majority of the time and if I don’t, I know how to deal with it. Thanks again Pavani for everything!"

Ved s

"Pavani is one amazing human being who can help you to listen, understand and support with your problems regarding mental illness. Being a complete trained professional, She listens thoroughly and patiently without any Judgments and empathizes with your situation completely. She can be a great friend, advisor and counselor to help you get out of any issues which you deal regarding any mental health and be an amazing well-wisher! Thanks Pavani!"

Prithiv Mohan

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