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"Superb speaking to peeyush , bery knowledgeable person, predictions are bang on , gives remedies which are doable and easy, explains problms and solution with reason and gives complete solution , highly recommended !!"


"Woww, Peeyush is an amazing reader i have ever seen, his remedies really works. He gave me a mix reading of tarot and astrology and he was so accurate. The way he explained my chart, i have never seen before. His unique and logical remedies work very effectively. Peeyush you really helped me to solve my issues and saved my relationship. Thanks a lot brother, Always stay blessed."

"Only reason i rated them low is,he didn't did tarot reading, gave me solution linked to my kundli (astrology) Idk why many astrologer are under tarot They were quite good with their knowledge but under astrology not tarot, please state clear things so we can choose according When one needs an elephant why bull is been offered "


"He is a terrible reader. Spent 3.5 mins shuffling and said he could not connect to my energies and disconnected. My money wasted!!"

"What you did to me.. Am waking up daily with smiling face..not thinking much abt past or future n the prsn..👏🏼😇somewhere i started liking myself.. Thank you soo much sir👍🏼👌🏼🙏🏼 highly recommended, You totally changed my life. Thank you thank you thank you so so much sir. "

"He’s simply the best , without a doubt go with him and just trust in him , he’ll tell you everything in detail and you’ll be astonished to know your past and his future predictions and the remedies he’ll provide are 500% effective , I’ve had chat with many astrologers and tarot readers but NOBODY was able connect and identify with the way he did . Just close your eyes and trust him , he’ll definitely make your life worth living . All the love and happiness to Peeyush Aggarwal ❤️👍"

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