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"Poonam Iyer is an amazing life coach and Access Bars Facilitator. She has tons of knowledge and is very empathic, professional and kind. She has healing hands and gives good therapy. She is a certified Life Coach and has done her NLP and not only lent a supportive ear to my problems but also has provided guidance and solutions that has brought a very positive change in my life. Her readings are accurate and crisp. Thank you, Poonam, for all your help and support and continued guidance. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!"

Kavita Iyer

"my interaction with Poonam has been for quite some time. I must confess, it has been a good association with her. She comes across as someone with good knowledge in her field and genuine. I wish her well and Ihope this forum helps her connect with more people she could heal and help. "

Anand Subramaniam

"Poonam is a gem of a person her positivity and trust in her predictions works really well,be it timeframe or the accuracy.Also a good healing Therapist and Life Coach . May be at that moment the things are not clear but in due course it unfolds. She is clear and doesn't give false hope if it's not meant for you . Her remedies and positive outlook towards life has helped me and other people evolve as a person.One of the best that you can find. "

Ashish Bhatt