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"My journey started with Poonam 4 years back when I was thinking I don’t need to exist in this world. The time I met her and entire session she heard me patiently the energy block and the negative thoughts turn in to positive thoughts. Again in 2019 I am meeting Poonam and Zubin. It such a wonderful experience. Meeting them only positive energy starts flowing. Sound healing by Zubin is mind-blowing it takes me to tht world of belief and self love. Meher Baba’s Blessings. I can feel his hands on me and he is taking care of everyone who is coming to him. My heart is connected to all of you. I am so thankful for sound healing.???. Gratitude"

Shikha Gupta

"With lots and lots of gratitute and abundance of love, i thank you MeherPoonam for the amazing distant healing, i doubted in miracles and took aback in life with lot of hardships and challenges in my life, but how these poison turned into medicine is certainly a miracle. My relationship karma has being slowly resolved and im super happy to see and feel the positive chnges. All the toxic situation and hurdles that made me give up has been chnged and are changing for the eternal good. I cant express how things have just turned out, how the imposible became possible. I wish and put my eternal faith in the upcoming situations to be as positive as now. My utmost love to Meher Baba for guiding me"

Riyanka chaudhary