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"Having just begun my diet program with her, I believe she’s a very cooperative person and will hear you out without judgement. She’s very understanding of how your day pans out and will fit her diet right in. I’ve felt a monumental change in how I function daily, I feel a lot more fresh everyday and everything I’m eating is so healthy which eventually adds to your well being. The whole process is not that hard if you are focused and driven throughout, which is something you will have to work on your own. If you are from a creative background and ideas strike late at night and you sleep late, please be rest assured that you will have a program suited to your needs. She won’t change your core but she’ll transform your eating patterns, for which your body will thank you. Never thought I’d say this for a diet but I love it because it’s doable and so accommodating of who you are! Thank you so much for being unconventional!"

Neha Sharma Preet Punjabi

"Being a foodie and trying to lose weight and fit into your old clothes was something I couldn’t accomplish in the last 2 years. I heard about Dr Poonam Punjabi through a mutual friend and thought Il give it a shot. I can’t control eating out and knowing how much I love food, she curated my diet that made me eat more that what I used to and I can’t believe how that helped me shed 7kgs in just 3 months. My food included everything, from dal, rice and rotis. She helped me break the myths about food and it’s changed how I I eat. Small portions with the right guidance is the key. Thank you so much Dr Poonam. You’ve made me feel confident and energetic again!"

Heenal Unadkat

"What does one call a diet that doesn't at all feel like a diet?? One wherein there is so little that is banned, that it is not missed at all!! A diet in which you EAT...and lose weight/inches!! NO STARVING; NO ELIMINATION OF ANY NUTRITION.. That's STAPLES for you!! A staple diet...giving you all the nutrition needed for your body to function smoothly and giving you more energy and vigor than you thought yourself capable of!!! The best part: it is carved out from regular daily food..no special juices/decoctions, no powders, no tablets, no demand for procuring exotic foods!! It's a lifestyle reform...if you can get into it, life rocks! Thank you Poonam, for giving me a healthy me! ? May STAPLES create more health and happiness worldwide! More power to you... God Bless"

Mona Kakar

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