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"Any worry that one has just disappears when poonamji guides you to the core of the worry. With her great in depth knowledge, understanding, compassion and her vast spiritual treasure she addresses the issues to the point. The approach and techniques used are very positive. Iv had miracles after being guided by her on mahavastu and Numerology. She is one of the most amazing human beings Iv come across and I think that's what graces any one who consults her. Thanks a lot for everything Poonamji. JAI BABA"

"Listen to what she says! She is a remarkable woman and she uses multiple techniques to solve your problem. And she stays with you till you are dealing with what you are going through. One of the best professionals I have had the good fortune to deal with. God bless always"

"Be it Mahavastu or numero I've got extremely positive results following Poonam's guidance. A big plus is she follows up on you and ensures your concern is resolved. And very detailed in her approach. I would highly recommend her services to all."


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