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"I was in the depths of anxiety disorder when I tried Jung Shim's treatment through Pradnya. I've always been skeptical of similar concepts of treatment and I honestly cannot believe I'm saying this but - it changed me. From a person who hadn't slept in 3 days due to extreme panic attacks, I became someone who was finally at peace in 20 minutes! I've never felt such bliss in my life and it's inexplicable. I really think that it's something you can only experience to know. Any words I use would fall short to tell you how much I owe to Pradnya and Jung Shim for helping me find the calm within me. "

Lakshmi Devan ,Calcutta

"I was really fatigued I was working a lot over two years so I always wanted to try it and it feels really safe very effective it has a path, goes from a to z and I must say it has totally surpassed what I felt about it. The way you were breathing and working, it’s one of the best treatments, I mean I have a lot of weird injuries all over the body, I have to recommend this to everybody. This is out of this world. I deeply recommend this. I am very grateful I could receive this treatment. "

Peter, Marathon runner, Oslo

"I been chanting since the first day. I have received a great energy, it has been really great. The 1st thing I pray for, I finally can feel the difference on emotionally. Friends who haven't seen me for a while since I start qi class and chanting mention how glowing and more radiant I look. Some even mention I been more positive and calm. Others mention how well I communicate around of people. Qi Class and chanting has tremendously change my energy, help me clear out negative energy patterns, thoughts. I been more aware of my surroundings, thoughts, energy and will chant whenever I don't feel well. Thank you so much for My Healer and master, Pradnya. She is amazing and always ready helping me in every way possible! To all other Masters who help conduct all the classes thank you! If it wasn't for all of you, I would still be in so much pain. "

Kartini, fitness coach, Singapore

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