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"So, I have been undergoing Yoga training from Prakriti for a while now and I have left my regular Gym routine for this, primarily due to the interest and benefits I have been seeing personally. Her classes offer a diverse and very interesting mix of Yoga like Hatha, Ashtang, Power Yoga etc which on continual basis make the classes very dynamic, and we have new routines in every class. The intensity of workouts also vary each time based on the energy levels of the class, overall keeping the sessions zestful. While she maintains steady repetitions of Asanas, she is a person with complete attention to detail, like postures, movements, breathing patterns during various Asanas and intensity(quick or relaxed) for each one in the class. Relaxation & Pranayama are probably her USP. She mixes her classes with philosophical excerpts and wisdom from various sources which appeal to the mind as well, and overall lead to a very holistic session, more like therapy. This is one of the main reasons for my preferring Yoga over my gym routine. She helps you to do things depending on your current lifestyle and hence not making a drastic shift altogether. Results have been fantastic since the regime suited my body type and goals well. Besides, I also feel much calmer and relaxed. Prakriti adds a lot of fun and innovation in her classes while also having a fantastic understanding of the students level and enthusiasm making each session just splendid. Furthermore, she is a very affable person and connects with all of us keenly. I recommend her very highly and without any reservation!!"

Karan Patoria

" I highly recommend Prakriti for the reasons I find important to me as a student. It has only been three months but it's all I've needed to know that I made the right decision and found a new friend cum family member..... I would recommend her for those that are looking for a total transformation in themselves..... Superb instructor-vast knowledge of yoga - super friendly but there to push you and get you to your best!! She is really top notch and knows her stuff. She keeps track of your progress very closely and keeps updating your exercise routines for maximum impact. I haven't come across a single class repetition, every session is a new one. I LOVE her because she CARES about my fitness goals, calming my mind, nutritional needs. Definitely personalised!!"

Aashika Jain

"To write about Prakriti and her contributions, I would like to explain a bit about myself: I am a Doctor by profession and I am aged 67 years and I suffer from arthritis. I have been taking yoga classes from Prakriti for more than a year now. Her every class is very competent where attention is given to the smallest details. She keeps my age in her mind and suggests routines that are challenging yet achievable and her sessions have helped me in living my life with Yoga for wellness, and the general well-being it offers at my age. I feel a sea change in my flexibility and joint movements now. Although she is very young in age and experience, she is a fantastic teacher. She is very friendly and has complete knowledge of the training she gives and concentrates on keeping every individual as motivated as the first day. She works hard towards each of her students. There's always a sort of self-motivation one finds to attend her classes that are packed with energy. She really helps you to be on track with your goal of getting healthy(mind-body-spirit). For her, It is not just about losing weight it is about getting fit and overall sound. Prakriti is a 'Yogini' in the truest sense and I assure that her students would agree with me. She is definitely doing a great job for me and I recommend her classes to all. "

Dr Sushma Sharma