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"Yes I know Prasiddhi for than five years now. I discovered her amazing work through YouTube when I wanted to learn Tarot. Luckily I found her and became a subscriber right away. I learnt so much from her work. She is an amazing teacher and an awesome reader. In fact she is the only Lenormand reader in India who I found acing the giant detailed spreads. She can see everything happening in the querent's life before we even share much with her. All her predictions have been spot on accurate and she has helped me make some extremely rewarding decisions about my career and personal life over the years. I have already sent my whole family, my best buddies and even some colleagues to her for her advice and guidance. Every one of them have come back to thank me for recommending her name to them. I will never go to any other reader except her. She is the best and very knowledgeable in her field. Highly recommended. "

Nishant Mishra

"Happy to give Prasiddhi a reference, here you go "When I first reached out to Prasiddhi for my reading, I was venturing into the Tarot space for the very first time. She was helping me with a challenge that had me torn between my heart and mind. Needless to say, her reading helped me with clarity clear as crystal on my challenges faced, and a clear direction ahead. She was also patient enough in explaining each card to me, the life changing events that were to unfold in the coming time, and how it would impact not only us, but our fur babies too. The one reading and I was hooked. Now both my husband and I reach out to her, for guidance and counselling ever so often, and she lays it out there for us in the best manner possible. For anyone seeking clarity with their cobwebs, or curious to understand their future, we highly recommend Prasiddhi. She is blessed with this art, and very patient and welcoming. " Hope this helps."

Niyanta Korgaokar

" I know Prasiddhi and she's been a friend + tarot guide over the years. Tarot, I have come to understand, is a tool to guide more than predict, and Prasiddhi has been very explicit in reminding us of it all the time. The first time I actually saw how it can be so on-point is when, in one of her readings, she warned me about a person on the family and asked me to keep a safe distance, especially avoiding saying anything to that person during conversations. That warning held me in good stead and prevented a huge showdown soon after, while revealing the person's intentions and overall character. What is really worth appreciating is that Prasiddhi has the empathy to understand what one is going through emotionally at the moment of asking a query, and yet will not shy away from revealing anything that is a red flag. She also invests a lot of time on doing intensive, detailed readings and explanations. Love that she's constantly learning about other tarot decks and uses them to aid her readings. She's a genuine tarot reader who is passionate about her work, and absolutely in love with her card decks!!"

Suhana Bhatia

"Hands down the best Lenormand reader in India. All her predictions are super accurate. She has been my reader for more than five years now. Would highly recommend her to all those in need of guidance. "

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