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"I consult her for financial advices and personal life matters. I got benefitted from her predictions financially. Her advices and readings always came true for me . I bought properties at the right time as suggested by her from which i got benifits. I also take predictions for my current businesses and take them forward accordingly. I also got my Son married to the right family which gave me mental peace. So i follow her words and believe in her. "

Venkata Ramana,

" i do know Ms. Preethi for Tarrot readings and healing services . My first consultation with her is in 2019 . I came to know her service from one of my Friend's . I was in very low and upset condition back then due to my unemployment phase. I eagerly wanted to know my future and my settlement in career and that what made me to approach her. She predicted about my career path that i would get a Government job where i would be wearing a "khakhi" uniform . I was shocked because becoming a police is not there in my thoughts. But few months later i have cracked SSB interview and became an Army Officer on permanent commission and currently serving Nation. I seriously astonished for her accurate readings. At final level of my interview i reminded her words and it filled confidence in me because i knew that i would get this job because i believed in her predictions. And it lead me to crack one of the India's toughest SSB interview with top rank. I then started consulting her for more of my personal life and continued taking her advices . She is a pure soul and very patiently answers all of my questions. I am happy to be her one of the references. I hope this will be helpful. "


" I know Ms. Preethi from past 2 years. I have taken several consultations and advices from her. Her predictions are accurate and because of her i came out of my depression from the past. She is so confident in her readings that i started to believe in myself for my future with regards to career and relationship. I highly recommend her for her genuine personality. "


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