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"Dr. Pritam is a very learned and intelligent person. He is a great doctor and spiritual healer. He has a very deep interest in Vedic Astrology and healing science. Also he is good in healing people through his great communication skill. I will surely recommend him. herapy and counseling are something he is very good at"


"Dr. Pritam this name is enough for me. Very Good doctor and Traditional Vedic Astrologer. This name requires no introduction for many people. He is very learned and has a huge depth of knowledge which is rare nowadays. His birthplace is Nabadwip. This is a place of Lord Chaitanya. And he has a spiritual inclination from his childhood. I really love his abailty to connect with people traditionally. He is really doing great work. May god bless him with a bright prosperous life."

Lakshmi Das

"As per my knowledge Dr. Pritam Kumar Das is a Great Doctor (Surgeon) graduated from one of the most reputed universities of India. Apart from his medical field, he is a very spiritual person. He has a very deep interest in Spirituality and Vedic Astrology (Jyotisha). He is connected with many spiritual organisations and he is from a Renowned lineage of Bengal. He has a wide client based and recently he is starting teaching people Jyotish in the most traditional way. He also got a chance to learn from the educational chain of World Famous Astrologer Shri K N Rao. Apart from this he has learnt many things from various astrologers of tradition of Shri Achyutananda Dasa ( One of the Panca sakhas of Mahaprabhu Lord Sri Caitanya, Incarnation of Maha Vishnu). Personally I am amazed to see his depth of astrological and spiritual knowledge. Very few people of his age currently has such depth of knowledge. This is what I believe. I surely recommend him for your portal. Best Wishes for him."

Rimi Ghosh

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