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"Priya Kaul is an amazing and wonderful soul, an angel in disguise who has come down as an earth angel to help mankind. Her dedication and her passion to help humanity is very evident in her live sessions which is free; giving her time and energy to us , imbibing confidence into us. Her predictions are Awesome and a must to go for. God bless you and yours my earth angel.... love...light and blessings and a BIG THANKYOU for everything."

Jacintha Fernandes

"The chakra balancing workshop was amazing and deep knowledge about chakras, more in depth like oils, herbs, meditation, mantras much more........."

Pallavi Khajuria Sharma

"Priya is an Angel...... her aim is to develop mental strength and connect our souls to the Divine.... I recommend her for she is a pour soul She is helping people selflessly. The best part of her personality is she is true and straight forward ."

Bhavisha Manoj Tikyani