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"I had a fantastic experience with Priyank sir. He was in tune with me and where I wanted to go with the reading, how I was feeling and the guidance I needed. I was open with my questions, not knowing exactly what I wanted to know and came out feeling like I had direction and more sure of myself.Priyank sir gave me confidence in the path I was taking, helping me to trust my intuition and my feelings and to be true to myself. I was very general with my questions which could be difficult to answer but Priyank was specific with his guidance, giving me the knowledge I needed to help me with my journey. Thank you - I will be back!"

Ritik vaishwal

"Priyank is quite accurate and reasonable and logically . He is very helpful.He has guided me in all sort of problems and also provides excellent solutions to your problems. I have visited her already 5 or 6 times already . highly recommend.."

Princy Deswal

"This was my first tarot reading and it was quite amazing. I was not sure how this would work with me but it worked out extremely well.Priyank is fantastic! The reading was very spot on and I told him the cards know me well. It is exactly what I need to move forward. The things he told me were spot on with my life and who I am as a person. He was very helpful because I was not sure what it was I needed to do but he guided me in the right direction. The information I received was very accurate. I will most definitely go this again."

Shivani Singh

"Very good Tarot reader. Answered all my questions patiently . Got positive vibes . Woul definitely recommend"


"He is excellent, quiet accurate, understands human emotions and advises in a manner that can help effectuate positive changes. He is easily the best tarot card reader one can hope to meet."

Shalu Chaudhary

"He is very polite person. He is accurate. Gave all my answers, highly recommend."

"He solved my relationship issues. He guided me very well. I am happy - Asha"

"He has a very wonderful approach . Great experience. Thanks sir..."



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