Priyanka Ghode- Therapist -Numerology, Runes |



"Priyanka is young , dynamic , an ace numerologist and above all she wants to help and heal all she meets .. she knows her goals well and leaves no stone unturned to spread all that she knows about numerology and other holistic tools like runes ..above all else she is an exemplary human being who leads from the front. "

Zenobia Edulkaka

"Priyanka Ghode is a wonderful human being and a great Numeroligst. I can vouch for her knowledge and expertise of her work and her integrity. I would definitely recommend learning Numerolgoy from her. She has an amazing energy and great vibes. Thriive will definitely add lots of positivity with her presence on the forum. Congratulations and All the best for the great collaboration."

Ssanket Jayant Popat